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Thursday, March 20, 2014

DIY Survival Drinking Straw Containers!

DIY Survival Drinking Straw Containers!
How a drinking straw could save your life!
If you are a survival enthusiast who loves a good DIY survival project that is incredibly practical and easy to leverage, then you are going to love this page on DIY Survival Drinking Straw Containers! You may have seen this survival drinking straw concept floating around on the internet someplace before... but not like this. We took this clever little idea and put it on STEROIDS with SUPER-SIZED CLEAR MILKSHAKE STRAWS to double the diameter of our drinking straw containers, making them far more versatile.

Because of the much larger diameter of these straws, the list of items that will fit in our super straw containers grows exponentially! Items that can now be sealed inside these DIY containers made from these milkshake straws that couldn't fit inside standard drinking straw containers include (but are not limited to) pills (pain killer, antihistamine, prescriptions, activated charcoal and other medications), water purification tablets, cotton swabs, batteries... and even ammunition! You can even make a cool little survival fishing kit as seen here!:

Or take a look at this cool little Altoids tin spice kit we made with each spice stored individually in these little drinking straw packets!:

Wanna see more cool pics and ideas for uses of these jumbo straw containers? Check out our full gallery here!:
 Full Survival Drinking Straw Container Photo Gallery!
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You just HAVE to get some of these SUPER STRAWS so you can make some of these for your kits, packs, purses, desk drawers and more!!

What else can you think of to put in these DIY survival drinking straw containers?

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